PM Dimensions

PM DIMENSIONS works alongside customers to improve delivery of engineering projects. They focus on enhancing and augmenting the knowledge and capabilities of their customers through engineering services and workforce development. Within the engineering services, they assemble scientific and experiential knowledge to investigate, evaluate, plan and design engineering systems. Their workforce development initiatives encompass technical, project management; simulation and live environment based-training, which leads to the industry-recognized certification for engineers and technicians. The inter-disciplinary engineering approach that they undertake allows them to view and resolve project challenges from multiple dimensions. Their global supply chain of expertise allows them to deploy some of the world’s best experts on competitive terms in markets worldwide. The high degree of project involvement and focus on their measurable results, which ensures consistent customer benefits. In everything they do, they use the technical and management language of the industry, so that they can work with the client.

Astron Consulting

Astron Consulting is a Technology Services firm that specializes in the areas of Telecommunications, Information Security (including Compliance regulations PCI, HIPAA), Data Center Virtualization/Consolidation, and Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics. The services that they provide is finding the qualified candidate in IT, and Telecom Industry that serves the needs of your company.